Google makes mobile more important, business owners be ready

instagram_Mobile updates have been rolling out more and more over the last year. In a recent Webmaster Central blog post, Google announced that May will be the newest mobile update that will affect ranking signals.

Last year, Mobilegeddon marked the first big update for mobile search rankings. That update did more for site owners that had mobile sites readily available and increased the ranking signals for those sites to show higher in the results vs. non-mobile ready sites. This new update sounds more like a last chance for sites that have not made their sites “mobile-friendly” before getting dropped in the mobile SERPs.

Similar to the Panda roll-out, this update will be a “punishment” type of rankings update. Like Panda, if your site doesn’t pass the update test, your site may soon lose rankings on mobile searches. Google’s announcement looks to only affect mobile results, but with the number of mobile searches recently overtaking desktop searches in the last year, it would be a good idea to make sure you are ready whether you rely on mobile search for your business or not.

But there is hope if you are not ready yet. Along with this announcement, Google provides a Mobile-friendly test that you can run on your site. This will show you where you are lacking or if you are ready to roll right through this update like a mobile ready Mack truck. If you are not, Google also provides a wealth of knowledge to help you establish a mobile friendly site.

Grab your URL, get it tested and make sure you are ready to move forward. Google changes all the time so be sure you are up to date with all the newest info by subscribing to the CM newsletter. It’s there on the right>>

Thanks and happy marketing.

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Jake Barker

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Jake is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Customer Magnetism. When he is in the office you can find him brainstorming or creating content strategies with coffee in hand and various bags of chips at his desk. He also enjoys snowboarding and turn of the century pop punk.