Google Jumps on the Mobile Marketing Bandwagon

Not convinced you need to get your company into mobile marketing yet? This week could be a great time to change your mind. Yesterday Google announced on their blog that they’ve just acquired AdMob, one of the first (and biggest) exclusively mobile marketing companies out there.

With all the time people spend on their smart phones, the marketing possibilities abound and AdMob has been on top of them from the get-go. What’s so cool about AdMob is that they’re device specific, meaning that they have collected statistics on demographics of people using iPhones, BlackBerries, etc., and will target ads towards the device owners most likely to be interested in them. It’s no wonder Google wanted a piece of that.

Susan Wojcicki, the Vice President of Product Management, wrote on the Google blog yesterday:

“It’s clear that mobile advertising is becoming a much larger part of our clients’ and partners’ strategies and with this acquisition, it’s now a central part of our own business. In continuing to invest in this highly competitive area, we’ll be bringing together our technology, resources and expertise in search advertising with AdMob’s innovative solutions for advertising on mobile websites and in mobile applications.”

So instead of just your regular sponsored search results, new ad formats might start to show up more, like “click-to-call” search ads, which connect a phone number to the ad so they can be reached directly (we’re all suckers for instant gratification), interactive video ads, or other rich media ads.

(its a very modern bandwagon)

(it's a very modern bandwagon)

More formats means there’s more options. It probably also means more of your competitors are going to finally jump on that good ol’ warp-speed mobile bandwagon. Just saying.

  • The new feature of click-to-call has made it a much more accessible space to advertise in. This is an ideal setting for local businesses to advertise in, but it is also is great for direct response marketers, especially those marketers who looking for leads.