Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm and more Announced on 15th Birthday

Google Hummingbird

On its 15th birthday, celebrated today, Google promised us that even after all these beautiful years together—through loads of monumental developments that changed the world as we know it, and even through all of our many ups and downs together (rankings pun intended)—they’re really just getting started.

In the most magnanimous way possible, Google spent its birthday telling us about all of the many presents they’re giving us, from comparisons and filters in knowledge graph results, extended Google voice features synced across multiple devices, and a new look and feel for Google search on mobile devices.

At an event today that took place in the garage where the (now) search giant was conceived, Google gave us another extra special gift when they announced a top-secret shift to their new “Hummingbird” algorithm. The new algorithm, clearly given its name based on speed and maneuverability, was designed to handle longer, more complex queries. According to Google’s Senior VP of search, Amit Singhal, “Hummingbird” was released around a month ago and it currently affects 90% of searches worldwide.

Edit 9/27: For an in-depth look at “Hummingbird”, read this great article about its patent on SEO by the Sea.

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