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It’s been around for a few years now and as hard as Google tried to make it cool, Google+ just did not take off the way that it was intended to. Designed to be a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, community-building platform that synced with all of Google’s other platforms, it was supposed to help individuals and businesses better connect with their audience and friends. Yet, does anyone really understand how to leverage Google+ for good, or is it just an added on profile for companies to link to?

I mean, I haven’t added anyone to my circles in the past year and I surely do not participate in communities, partially because I don’t have time and partially because it’s not the easiest network to navigate.  Now, while I may not be the be-all and end-all for Google+, I am fairly certain that quite a few of you out there also feel the same way about it. Well, we have some good news for you.

On July 27, 2015 – Google announced that they are changing Google+ and putting everything in the right place.

What Does That Mean?

So Google+ is changing, but how is it going to affect me? Or how can it help your business? Well, they are adding a new feature called Google+ Collections which is a unique way to group content by topic. So you can aggregate comments, content, and information all under one shared interest category. One can describe it as a more moderated, clean-up version of Reddit’s subreddits.

Also, they’ve re-arranged some of Google+ features to be standalone apps. With Google+ photos turning into Google Photo apps. They’re trying to streamline Google+ to be simple, easy to use, and a place to share ideas.

Your profile will also change. It will no longer be your sole identity across every Google-run platform. That’s right; you won’t need a Google+ account to log into YouTube, or to share content. All you’ll need is a Google account.  Your account won’t be searchable like your Google+ profile, which you can choose to keep linked or remove/manage your public profiles better.

YouTube Update: the change will affect the comments section, with your comments only being published on YouTube, not on Google+. For more in-depth updates, check out the YouTube blog.

Business Tip: For businesses with multiple Google+ accounts, this may help you figure out how to create only one YouTube channel, instead of having multiples tied to different Google accounts.

It will be interesting to see how it all rolls out over the next few months and we’ll be along for the ride. Let’s see if Google+ can live up to what it was originally intended for.

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