Google Beefs Up Local Just in Time for the Holidays

Image Courtesy: Google

Pay per click has always been ideal for super-precise targeting, but today, the paid search gods have smiled upon us. Google announced today that they’re making it even easier to get your business in front of prospective buyers with an assortment of exciting AdWords local targeting updates. Here’s a summary of a few of the new features, which Google discusses here:

1. Airport Targeting: Connecting on the Fly
Think of the amount of time we spend in airports, sitting in super uncomfortable chairs, snacking on Einstein Bagels, and well . . . WAITING. A lot. Now with Google’s launch of airport targeting, which includes 350 airports around the world, businesses can connect with customers playing the waiting game by showing them highly targeted ads while they browse on their mobile, tablet, or laptop device. Well played, Google. You’re a genius.

2. Location Extensions and Sitelinks Play Nicely
Location extensions, which display your business location alongside your AdWords ad, will now be displayed with sitelinks.

3. Upgraded Map Panel
Clicking local extension addresses will now display a map to the right-hand side of search results, pinpointing the location. This upgrade will take place only on laptop and desktop computers.

Additional features include better location matching, conversion reporting for local extensions, and the expansion of local extensions to more countries.