Google Ad Previews Provide Instant Gratification

The Internet just keeps getting faster. Now Google AdWords has leapt into the realm of Instant gratification, too. Similar to Google Instant graphic previews that debuted last year with a magnifying glass on the side, users can now preview Google AdWords in the same way.

Customer-Magnetism-PPC-magnifying-glassIs this a good thing or a bad thing? It depends on what you’re looking for from your online advertising.

On one hand, this makes the ad traffic more qualified. You know that anyone clicking through to your ad from the preview is really interested in what you’re promoting. On the other hand, if people don’t like your graphics  – or anything else – at a glance, they won’t bother to take the time to visit your landing page.

Google charges for ads on a pay-per-click basis. When someone previews your ad but doesn’t click through, you are not charged for the click. More economical? Yes, if people click on the magnifying glass instead of the ad itself.

One very noticeable thing about the new preview pane is that its content is small. The person searching may not be able to see the preview ad contents clearly enough to know if they’re in the right place or not. For the user, clicking on the ad is faster in this case.

All in all, how Google Ad previews affect your advertising campaign depends on how your ad is set up, what can be seen and what the person searching is trying to accomplish.

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