ForKids Thanksgiving Food for All

ForKids Thanksgiving MealsEvery year here at Customer Magnetism, we all chip in as an office and put together twenty-five complete Thanksgiving meals to take to a local charity, ForKids, that then passes them on to families in need.

This Thanksgiving we wanted to give more. Our fearless CEO Kurt Noer stepped in and said for every new like our Facebook page got this month, he would donate an extra $1.00 towards more ForKids Thanksgiving meals. We passed around the news and are so pleased to say with your help, we put together fifty meals!

After buying fifty of each item–from mashed potatoes and stuffing to saran wrap and dish soup–we set everything up in an assembly line on Friday morning. Our tables literally buckled under the weight of all those canned goods. With the whole CM team in action, it only took a few minutes and a little chaos to get all the bags packed and ready to go. (Okay, there was more than a little chaos. Henry Ford would have been ashamed.)

Thanks so much to everyone who helped out, and to anyone looking for way to donate this holiday season: it’s not too late. Check out today.

Customer Magnetism assembly line