Finally: Facebook Image Comments

It’s finally here: the ability to use photos in comments on Facebook!

boromir memeThat might not sound like a big deal, but with so many image memes, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words on the Internet.

With the recent update, if you want to respond to someone’s status or post, but somehow words just aren’t going to cut it, there’s a camera button located in the bottom right of your comment bar where you can upload an image.

It’s simple enough, which is why we’re surprised it took Facebook so long. While the function hasn’t officially been announced via the social site, it has been seen rolling out quietly and globally. Check out this example from The Verge below.


Previously, Facebook would attach a generated thumbnail of a picture if you posted a witty link in response to your friend’s cleverly-worded status. However, this takes it to a new level and allows images from your computer to be directly uploaded in response, getting rid of the messy URL.

This is just another step in the right direction along with the recent hashtag announcement, Instagram videos, and refreshes to the layout. As of now, while Facebook has allowed us to start adding pictures as responses, it is not supporting GIFs.

What do you think of replying with an image? Is this a useful update, or just another pointless change?

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Sydney Banks

Sydney Banks is one of the Social Media Coordinators at Customer Magnetism. She spends her days in the office strategizing social media content, managing ad campaigns, and generating reports. Away from work, she stays busy entertaining an active Golden Retriever and being a wife and mom. She is only slightly obsessed with Minions and it’s not unusual to see minion paraphernalia close by at all times.