FIFA Women’s World Cup Final Tops Trending Topics, Tweets

The Internet is still abuzz with activity the day after a dramatic finish to Japan’s victory over the US in the FIFA Women’s World Cup Finals soccer match. Japan, who has never played in the final, won after a 2-2 overtime tie sent the game into a penalty kick shootout. The international tournament, which features teams from 16 countries, is played every four years; this time in Germany. This year’s event outcome took over the Internet on trending topics on both search engines and social networks for the first time ever.

The Women’s World Cup Final had seven of 10 trending topics on social website yesterday, using the popular # sign as a way for users to keep track of other posts on the same topic. After the dramatic conclusion of the game, Twitter drew a reported 7,196 posts, or tweets, per second. This broke the previous Twitter record of 6,939, set four seconds after midnight on New Year’s Day in Japan this year. Compare that to last year’s NFL Super Bowl with 4,064 tweets per second, or the men’s FIFA 2010 World Cup final of Spain versus the Netherlands at 3,051.

World Cup Champions was also a trending topic on search engines Google and Bing on yesterday afternoon and continued to be this morning, with search engines featuring a flood of news, blogs and social updates on the Japanese World Cup victory. According to FIFA, this year’s Women’s World Cup received more television broadcast time than any other, with coverage expected in at least 200 territories and countries worldwide.

Congratulations to the US Women’s National Soccer Team for its great play and sportsmanship!

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