Facebook’s Next Step in the Race to Win the Internet

Per usual, Facebook has been making some changes. Although this time, for those of us with an appetite, this update may be one we are going to want to hold on to.

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Facebook has been working on refreshing both iOS and Android mobile apps, in order to make them more useful overall. (We won’t mention that Facebook gets a little something out of keeping us on their app for more functions.)

According to Facebook, “Each month, more than 800 million people access Facebook on a mobile device. And today we’re announcing two updates to mobile Pages launching later this week that will expand the useful features and relevant information Pages provide.”

To start, Facebook will be integrating OpenTable to it’s mobile pages, making it possible to reserve a table at over 20,000 participating restaurants, with just the click of a button. You don’t even have to abandon Facebook to do it! Table for two anyone?

iphonefacebookappIn addition, television and movies will get a helping hand from Facebook as well. Upcoming local air times, and movie programs will be displayed to users based on the selected time zone for a user’s page.

We can expect to be seeing the new feature hitting eligible mobile pages throughout the next week or so. Along with these updates, Facebook is also bringing hashtag support to it’s app after first launching hashtags on it’s web version back in June.

It looks like Facebook is striving to become the go-to multi-tool, and they’re not the only ones. Think about Google’s Knowledge Graph and conversational search: Facebook has a lot to compete with if they’re going to continue in the constant one-upmanship that keeps the Internet on its toes. Facebook has crossed over into the search realm and Google has long since tried to become the only social network (and search engine) a user needs. The crossover is brutal.

Just this week a research fellow at Google, Jeff Dean, said in an interview that they’re working on making big moves in the way Google serves up results, like being able to use predictive search to answer queries like “Please book me a trip to Washington, DC.”

With innovations like that, is it any surprise Facebook is releasing one new feature after another?

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Sydney Banks

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