Facebook’s new Global Pages add a little local flavor

It’s no secret that millions use Facebook to not only catch up with family and friends, but also to converse with some of the companies whose products and services they use every day. Whether it’s to give praise, file a complaint, or even offer a little input on how to make something better, Facebook has definitely bridged the communication gap between companies and customers. But, say a corporation with a global reach wants to promote a new contest open only to U.S. citizens. That might make things a little tougher for folks on the other side of the world.

Facebook’s new Global Page.

Well, the social media giant is tackling that problem in its latest update, and it could make things even easier for consumers. The site recently introduced “Global Pages”, which are localized company profiles for specific markets or regions, with a default page for outside markets. According to Facebook Studio, Global Pages allows for one global brand identity, where users worldwide will still see the main page in their native language, as well as fan count and timeline chatter. So far, Kit-Kat, Dove, Holiday Inn, and even the new movie Frankenweenie have all jumped aboard the global train, with many more businesses sure to follow.

While the new fan pages create a little more convenience for Facebookers, right now, they are only localized to an extent, at least for now. In other words, you can only become a fan based on your home country, so you won’t find “Holiday Inn-Virginia Beach” or “Kit Kat-Dayton” pages…at least not yet.