Facebook Timeline Layout Cheat Sheet for Brand Pages

Facebook changing anything is usually cause for an onslaught of angry status updates from the general public about how everyone liked it the way it was before, pages and groups dedicated to getting back the “old Facebook,” and more recently, people swearing they’ll move on to Google+.

I’ll admit, when I heard Timeline would finally be rolling out to brands, I was a little disgruntled. We’ve all known it was inevitable, but I’d finally gotten great at creating canvas apps after the demise of FBML. Running contests through default landing tabs went seamlessly. I guess it was just time to level up.

And I do believe converting to Timeline for brands will be a level up. Sure, we won’t be able to pick a default landing tab anymore and that’s kind of annoying. Sure, a part of Facebook’s motivation might lie in the boost from Facebook ad revenue they’ll undoubtedly get. Regardless . . . just look at it!


While profile photos are pretty limited now, cover photos have an expansive 851 pixels to work with spanning across the width of the page.

Surprisingly enough, brands can work within those same 851 pixels, plus a seemingly unlimited height, for highlighted posts—something unimaginable in the former layout. Ben & Jerry’s has a great example this in which their pints of frozen yogurt look practically life-sized.


Apps are getting the most significant upgrade, with a new 810 pixel width and their own blank page. The cover photo, along with everything else at the top of the page, either disappears or condenses to a single bar. App icons also get a new spotlight with Timeline, which means if you weren’t creating your own app icons before, you’ll really be missing out now if you let the full 111px by 74px box default to the little canvas atom.

Brands now have visual opportunities previously unheard of on Facebook and to help keep all of that straight, we’ve created a Facebook cheat sheet template for Timeline over here at Customer Magnetism. Simply download the PSD file, and you’ll be set without having to Google what the new dimensions are every time!


  • Ross

    Thanks Liz! This is super helpful, as we’re about to level up too!

    • Glad to be of service!