Facebook To Release New Ad Product For Local Businesses


Formally dubbed “Local Awareness ads”, Facebook recently announced a new product that will allow businesses to target ads based on a groups location. Specifically, people who are in the geographic radius of your business at any given time.

Marketers will have the ability to set the maximum or minimum radius of groups in the area that they’d like to target who either live close by or have recently been in that general vicinity before. Local Awareness ads will start rolling out over the next couple of weeks to the U.S. but will be released globally within a couple of months.

local-awareness_1410074A Recent Gannet G/O Digital Study Reveals:

For local businesses, Offer Ads beat other categories (e.g., promoted posts) by a significant margin in terms of effectiveness. That same study, involving 1,000 US consumers, found that the majority of respondents visited local Facebook Pages and looked at reviews before buying offline.

“For more precise targeting, marketers can also choose the age and gender of their audience. And with convenient call-to-action options such as ‘Get Directions’ or ‘Like Page,’ business owners are able to easily prompt ad engagement.”

This is good news for marketers and local businesses, not so good news for mobile phone users who don’t like to be tracked digitally. However, if you’re a part of the mobile group you can control your location services on your phone and disable the feature. Either way, the main beneficiaries of this new feature will be advertisers and small to medium size businesses.

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Rachael Morrill

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