Facebook Really, Really Wants You To Advertise with Them

No big surprise there. In the months leading up to the Facebook IPO, talk of Facebook advertising (its weaknesses, and what needed to improve to continue growing revenue, more specifically) ran rampant on all sorts of media outlets. The few days leading up to the IPO were even more speculative, thanks in part to this little study on Facebook ads vs Adwords that got real big quick.

Facebook won’t be discouraged, though. Today they’ve made it even easier to advertise with them–almost frighteningly easy.

Now, any post a page makes can become a promoted post without having to enter into the advertising platform. Before posting (or after), just click “Promote.”

Facebook promoted posts

Then this handy-dandy little window will pop up.

Facebook promoted post details

Then, you can adjust the cost!

And before you know it, you’ve spent way more than you intended to on Facebook ads because you’ve promoted every post (oh, it’s only $5.00??) on your page. Facebook will no doubt be very grateful.

It’s a pretty slick addition. Hopefully it’ll help Facebook bounce back from all the disappointment surrounding the IPO. . .