Facebook Gets a New Link Thumbnail Size

It’s no secret that people look at images on Facebook way more than they look at regular posts or links. Not only do image posts get more views, but way more interaction, too.


How can they not? The images get a pretty large amount of real estate and break up the monotony of scrolling through the News Feed like non-other. Well, until Facebook just increased the link thumbnail size. By a lot.

As you might remember–since it was only yesterday–link posts used to look like this:


That’s a measly 115 pixels by 115 pixels there for an image. Today, all link posts (regardless of when they were posted, as long as the Open Graph data allows for it) have a thumbnail that looks like this:

new facebook thumbnail example

That new thumbnail is 375 pixels by 195 pixels! It’s huge! Moreover, it looks kind of like an image post at first glance. Could this have anything to do with Google+’s new embedded posts? Potentially. Does it look pretty sweet? Definitely.