Goodbye, Custom Facebook Landing Tabs

Facebook is at it again.

And by “at it,” I mean that they’re changing stuff around and aggravating people again. Change typically aggravates people – especially change that they won’t benefit from, or change that could potentially cost them.

facebooklandingpageFacebook just announced via a message on their developer forum yesterday that setting a custom landing tab (besides the Wall or Info tabs) will soon be limited to businesses or individuals with over 10k fans. Now when I say a custom landing page, that doesn’t include vanity URLs like Some companies have special pages, usually comprised of a clickable image, that users will automatically land on when typing in the URL or clicking on a link to their page. Take Starbucks, for example. They’ve got a custom landing page that leads you to info on their Starbucks Card. They’ve also got over 7 million fans, so they’re obviously safe in keeping their landing page.

Unfortunately, for most local businesses, 10k is not only unreasonable, but honestly unnecessary. Most of those business owners who decided they wanted to have a landing page advertising a special promotion going on, etc. were really only trying to market to a select region of people, and just simply wouldn’t have needed to reach 10k in order to profit.

Here’s what Matt Trainer from Facebook posted on the forum yesterday:

“Hello all,

We apologize for not messaging this earlier. Facebook recently made a change requiring that Pages be authenticated before enabling the ability to set a landing tab beyond Wall or Info. To be eligible for authentication, a Page must have greater than 10k fans or the Page admin must work with their ads account manager. If you are already working with an account representative, please contact that representative to begin the authentication process. If you do not work with an account representative, you can use this contact form to inquire about working with an account representative.

Also, for advertisers who don’t have a representative or 10k fans, and want to run ads and land users on a specific tab, you can still do so with standard Facebook ads by making their Destination URL as the URL incl. your tab.  Unfortunately, this currently will not work with “Fan” ads.

Matt Trainer”

Wait. Did you see that?

“To be eligible for authentication, blah blah 10k fans or the Page admin must work with their ads account manager

I see. So it will only be smaller or local businesses that have less money than giant corporations anyway who lose their ability to keep their landing pages, but that might by the looks of it also have the grand opportunity to pay for something similar. Interesting.

  • I am curious about the need for a custom landing page because I am not sure that it brings a small business more fans. For example, I live in Williamsburg VA and there are several small businesses with fan pages on Facebook. It seems that most of their fans or ‘likes’ are from people who know the actual business and saw that one of their friends had ‘liked’ the businesses’ page. More interesting to me is the new feature that allows a business to advertise an event with Facebook ads. I haven’t used it yet but it seems to be a feature with potential.