Facebook Announces New Messages Service

Facebook iconAmid much hype, today was supposed to be the unveiling of Facebook’s email, the “gmail killer.” Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of social media website Facebook, made a press announcement today about the new, revamped Messages service. He said, “It is not email,” but the new feature will include email, social messaging and SMS capabilities.

Less formal than e-mail, it will not have subject and copy lines, or any “extra stuff” that makes it take longer to communicate. The new Messages instead will focus on convenience and speed. Zuckerberg noted that 350 million people actively use Facebook messaging, with 4 billion messages shared mostly one-on-one each day.

The three main points of the new Messages service will be seamless messaging, conversation history and a social inbox. Users can choose how they want to receive their messages. The person sending it does not have to be concerned about what that preferred method might be – whether email, text messaging, chat or SMS. They just hit the key to send, and it will go where it’s supposed to. This way, the Messages system will allow two users to communicate back and forth in one long string of history. They won’t have to bounce back and forth between separate email and text accounts to keep up with everything that has been said. This innovative way of communicating is compliments of the 15 engineers that built the new infrastructure from scratch.

A few other new Messages service notes:

•    SPAM will be filtered out.
•    It will have forwarding feature.
•    Farm Bureau will give Facebook the us.fb.com email address.
•    The SMS portion will remain basically the same as it has for years.

So, when is it coming?

Zuckerberg said the new feature will be rolled out slowly as of this afternoon – by invitation only to start. For more details, check out today’s Facebook blog.

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  • good service..this will remove the spam so that the messages will be spam free..and this message format which doesn’t require subject and other formal details will save time and can be sent quickly..