Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Rebuilds in CM’s Neighborhood

Part of the CM crew at the VIP tent | Photo credit: EM:HE Hampton Roads Facebook

Customer Magnetism announced last week its sponsorship at the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build site. CM sponsored the VIP tent, which was placed at the site of the new house being built on Gentry Road in Virginia Beach, VA.

CM CEO Kurt Noer and Duane Cotton of Trademark Construction

It was announced Sunday that Beverly Hill and Fred Burdette of Virginia Beach, Va. and their 6 adopted daughters are getting a new home after two years. The Hill-Burdettes have fostered more than 35 children. To read about the Hill-Burdette family, please visit www.extremetmc.com, under the Family section of the Website.

On Monday, more than half of the Customer Magnetism staff huddled closely together in windy, 30 degree weather to watch the destruction and demolition of the Hill-Burdette home. While we quite can’t share the secret of how the house came down, we enjoyed being front and center of the action. We got a sneak peek of host Ty Pennington, Designer Paige Hemmis (in pink of course) and guest designer Xzibit.


John Littlefield with CM

On Day 2, Customer Magnetism employees circulated through the VIP ten throughout the day. We all got shiny new hard hats accompanying our big VIP passes. As I sit here actually lounging in the tent on the couch, I am watching hundreds of volunteers and builders put up the new Hill-Burdette home. Designers Ed Sanders and John Littlefield just popped their heads into the VIP tent, but rushed back out to work. The Trademark Construction team of builders and volunteers has 106 hours to put up the new Hill-Burdette home and boy, is it going up quick.

Customer Magnetism will be out at the build site all week and anxiously anticipating the reveal of the new home.

Not quite time to “move that bus” yet!

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