Email Marketing Strategy Tips for Integrated Campaigns

Email marketing is an important part of any integrated marketing campaign. One of the most important strategies for email marketing includes meeting the challenge to reach people that will be interested in receiving your message as well as using your product or service. Simply having someone’s email address doesn’t mean that you are going to reach your audience. People receive a lot of emails, but they don’t open all of them. Some people don’t have the time, while others just don’t have the interest. There is a lot of competition for your target’s attention. Keep in mind that email marketing only works when people open your message, read it and take a positive action.

How Do They Open Your Message?
When you’re sending a promotional email as part of a marketing strategy, consider how people will be receiving your message. More and more people are using mobile devices to access their email. According to a recent marketing survey by social media scientist Dan Zarella, 80 percent of people read their email on a mobile device. Keep in mind that if your email message isn’t mobile friendly, you will likely lose your audience before the message has been read. You should also consider creating a text-only version of your email for those with limited capabilities.

Reading The Message
When you send out an email for a marketing campaign, make sure it has content that people want to read. If it’s your company newsletter, for example, offer interesting and up-to-date information. If it’s an advertising campaign, make sure that your reader knows you have some sort of value to offer them. You might be sending a coupon or a announcing a new product. Confirm that your content has proper grammar and spelling so that people will read it. If you’re not comfortable writing, consider having a professional copywriter put something together. You probably only have one chance for your audience to look at your message.

Testing for Action
When using email marketing in your campaign, don’t forget to test. If it’s a newsletter, try two different versions on a small pool of addresses before sending out your final version to all of your intended recipients. Testing which version is opened and read more will help your message reach its target more quickly. If your email has an offer included, take note of how many responses come through which version in your test.

When using strategic email marketing as part of an integrated advertising campaign, be sure to choose your targets carefully and send people information that they can read and use.

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