Don’t Look Now, But Bing’s Market Share is Slowly Rising

If you have a business, it’s more important than ever to be found on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Google’s search engine now handles more than 80 billion searches per month, and Google isn’t the only search engine in town. Don’t look now, but Bing-powered Internet searches are slowly creeping up in the US market share. While many business owners have grown accustomed to Internet traffic and website visitors bringing in revenue and brand recognition, they don’t always think about how traffic gets to their site. Let’s look at some of the numbers.

A recent report released by Experian Hitwise shows that Bing-powered searches, which includes Yahoo and Bing, claimed 30.01 percent of the market share among US users last month. This is an 11 percent rise over last year. Google, on the other hand, fell 5 percent since 2011, but still owns first place with 64.42 percent of the market share. The remaining market share for the US is carved up among 65 other search engines, according to Hitwise.

While there is still a very large gap in the number of people using Google’s search engine versus the number of people using Bing-powered searches, the gap to second place has closed a bit.

It appears that Bing isn’t satisfied with just 30 percent, however. In the past month, Bing has started integrating social media website information into its search results, something Google has been doing for quite some time. In a recent interview with, Derrick Connell of Bing said that these changes and many to come are an effort to “surface people, not web pages” in the search experience. According to Mashable, Bing’s search engine is now using Facebook data and will soon include Twitter, LinkedIn and possibly some Google+ material.

While Bing’s integration with Yahoo hasn’t taken the Internet by storm, it is trying to close the gap to number one a little bit more. Look for more changes by Bing and Google in the next year.

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