Does Your Blog Need A Jumpstart?

cohdra_100_1293One of the most common questions new clients ask us about website content is how to improve or increase it. One answer is to create a blog. It adds fresh content to a website for the search engines to crawl and generates both inbound and outbound links. A blog also gives people genuinely interested in the industry in general or company in particular a chance to keep up with what is happening. It can serve as an interactive funnel of news and information.

Unfortunately, a common problem many companies face is that they already have a blog set up and it has been neglected. It has often existed for several months or – no! – since the website went live without any attention. The question is what to do with a dormant blog. If it stays, it needs to be revived and kept up; otherwise, it needs to go.

Break out the jumper cables and revitalize your woebegone blog. Decide if there is any worthwhile information that can be added to it on a regular basis. If there is – and there really should be for any viable business – start by making a list of blog topic ideas. The posts don’t have to be long and involved, just worth reading.

Determine whether it will be a monthly, weekly or more frequent occurrence, then stick with the plan. Start small; you can always expand. Decide who will take on the blogging duties. This is probably the hardest part because it involves a lot of responsibility. Consider why the blog went dormant before and make a change in that plan. There is a reason why it didn’t work. Figure out what it is and change it.

Blogs can be time consuming and this is usually the biggest stumbling block to making it successful. Someone who can barely keep up with their present workload is not the right person to take it over. On the other hand, someone who enjoys writing will be more likely to keep up with it. Sharing blog duty among a handful of people works well if everyone does their part. If you have a list of people to keep up your company blog posts, create a calendar.

If there are no likely bloggers in your midst, go to Plan B. Keep in mind that Customer Magnetism can do it for you. It is one of the services we offer our clients. We have revived many a dormant blog and can keep it going without neglect. We can either handle all of the blogging duties or share it with someone on your staff. You decide.

When it’s time to break out the jumper cables and revitalize your website’s blog, make a list of some possible topics. Pick one. Make it interesting. After the first few, it will hopefully become a habit. Ask people for ideas when you run out. If you feel yourself on the verge of neglecting it, ask someone to do a guest post. Give people a reason to keep coming back to your website for more.

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