Do the Math, or Just Let Google Do It For You

Alternately titled “Another Calculating Move by Google,” courtesy of CM copywriter MJ. 

All those years, all those teachers saying “you’re not always going to have a calculator to do the math for you.” Oh, really?

Google has been spouting out answers to math queries for years, but has now added an interface.

google calculator“Bonus: It also works on mobile,” Peter Pachal of Mashable wrote earlier today. “In our quick test, it appeared in both Safari and Chrome on iOS and of course on Android as well. Although the scientific functions aren’t visible in portrait mode, they appear when you flip your phone to landscape — a trick Google’s borrowing from the iOS-standard calculator.”

Is this just another step towards our collective cognitive demise? Will kids eventually learn to use Google in elementary school instead of multiplication tables (or do they already know how to search once they can spell?)? Let’s hope not.

In the mean time, it’s pretty cool.