Customer Magnetism Review: The Power of Facebook

Customer Magnetism Review is a monthly blog feature. We review various events, websites and products that you might want to check out – or not. It’s our way of keeping you up to date on the Internet’s latest.

Over the past few months, more and more importance has been placed on the social media website Bing is now integrating user feedback into its social search, and Google has integrated user posts into its algorithm. With more than 500 million Facebook users, many companies are establishing a stronger presence on their Facebook pages with frequent posts, contests and direct interaction with other Facebook users. Sometimes their efforts in Internet marketing are split between their regular company website and their Facebook pages. Does it work?

While Facebook is an excellent social media marketing tool for some businesses, as a business owner it is important to think about the purpose of your Facebook account and the influence it has on your company’s website. If the idea is simply for brand recognition, it may not be necessary to provide links from your Facebook page back to your website. If the idea is to drive more traffic to your website, don’t forget to provide links doing just that. Of course, that might not be enough. Internet users can be a fickle bunch.

Don’t forget to give your Facebook “friends” incentive to stay on your website. Sure, you can give them links to follow, but more importantly, see what happens once they click back to your website. Do they stay there and shop? Do they book your services? If the answer is no, you do have some options.

When you find that the excitement over your Facebook page is not translating to your company website, you’ll probably want to make some changes. A few ideas:

•    Check the load time on your website. If it requires patience to see your web page, you are probably losing customers before it is visible.
•    Provide interesting information about your company and its services so that people can learn more about you.
•    Make sure that you have a secure site if you are selling products online.

While Facebook can be a valuable marketing tool that is fun for you and your visitors, this might be a good time to consider whether its power is helping you to reach your goal.

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