Customer Magnetism Review: Procrastinators Hold Up Internet “Progress”

Customer Magnetism Review is a monthly blog feature. We review various events, websites and products that you might want to check out – or not. It’s our way of keeping you up to date on the Internet’s latest.

Customer-Magnetism-ReviewsWhile the Internet is supposed to be cutting edge and always moving forward in technology, there will always be a group of users resistant to change; those who ride the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” bandwagon. If they holler loud enough, maybe their voices will be heard.

Take the owners of the 3 million videos on the Google Video channel, for example. Uploads to the site were halted in 2009. Users were told the site would be shut down and they needed to move or lose their downloaded videos. Last week, Google announced that the site would be shut down at the end of April and users had until May 13th to recover their videos. Apparently, having nearly two years to move their videos was not enough, and the foot-draggers created an uproar. Many claim transferring the old content is too difficult or that they didn’t have enough time to do it. They have now been given an unlimited extension. Google also said it would create an easier way to move the content to You Tube, a popular Google-owned video viewing website.

Another group slow to change is the one resisting the “new” version of Twitter. The roll-out to 160 million users on the social networking website was complete in October. Twitter softened the blow by giving users a chance to get used to the idea, creating an option to use the very different Old Twitter set-up temporarily. For months, Twitter users on the old version have been nagged by a button prompting them to switch to the new version, warning them that the old one will be leaving soon. A few weeks ago, old version users were polled about why they haven’t made the change. After six months, it appears Twitter is losing patience with its procrastinators. The social networking site has given out the warning, but has yet to make an official statement when the Old Twitter will officially disappear. I’m just waiting for the uproar to ensue when it does.

In short, no matter how much time you have before something changes on the Internet, it never seems to be enough. There is always a group of people that isn’t ready yet, no matter how much time you give them. And yes, they will always raise a fuss when their time is up.

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