Customer Magnetism Review: New Office

Customer Magnetism is starting a new blog feature called Customer Magnetism Review. We have put together a series for you this week reviewing various events, websites and products that you might want to check out – or not. After this week, it will become a monthly feature.

cm-review-cleanAs we approach the end of our first week in the new Customer Magnetism office, it seems only appropriate to make it the latest subject of our Customer Magnetism Review. While some things have stayed the same, we made many changes for our new office. We are still based in Virginia Beach and are located in the same commerce park just a block away from our old building. We still offer search engine marketing services nationwide. Our new office is a little bit bigger and a little bit brighter, with fewer walls and more open space.

The move has been an exciting event for everyone that works here. An informal survey of CM staff brought up a few of the most popular changes.

The most obvious change has been an upgrade in décor. More modern furniture with larger desks and open workstations gives the whole office a more spacious look. Some of our CM-Edward-Fireballold furniture did not come with us, and it gives a fresh new atmosphere.

Rather than being split into three separate office areas, the CM family is now in one suite. There is already a stronger feeling of collaboration and communication among the different departments, which will help us serve our clients even better.

The newest addition to the Customer Magnetism team is Edward Fireball, a dark red betta fish. He now lives at our reception desk and is the hottest topic of the day. A great conversation piece, he has spirit and seems to enjoy his new environment, just like the rest of us.

Check out photos of our new office on our Customer Magnetism Facebook page.

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  • Nikki

    Thanks CM!! The new office is amazing. I feel that it has brought nothing but positive vibes throughout the whole office! Being together in one space instead of divided up has made the CM team even closer! And of course, the new fish on my desk is the best!!