Customer Magnetism Review: Most Socially Networked City in America

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Is your city a hotbed of social networking? Men’s Health recently ranked the top 100 social networking cities in America. Only 5 received a grade of A+ for being the most socially networked. They were Washington, DC; Atlanta, GA; Minneapolis, MN; Seattle, WA; and, San Francisco, CA. It sounds reasonable, when you think about it. Washington, DC has been the hotbed of social networking since long before the Internet was born. Men’s Health can back up its rankings, though.Customer-Magnetism-Review-DC

In its quest to crown America’s Most Socially Networked City, Men’s Health undertook a fairly scientific approach, crunching data from a number of well-respected sources. It first calculated the number of Linked in and Facebook users per capita per city. Next came overall Twitter account usage, followed by the number of Myspace, Reddit, Friendster and Digg users. The final ingredient was the number of households in each city that visits chatrooms and blogs. When they put it all in a blender, the Nation’s Capital came out on top. A few surprises along the way include Boston, MA at #9; Salt Lake City, UT at #10; Philadelphia, PA, the City of Brotherly Love, at #49; and, New York, NY at #53.

If you’re wondering who squeaked in as the Least Socially Networked, that dubious distinction belongs to El Paso, Texas. It ranked #100 with a grade of F. It seems that if you are that far down on the list, being in a hotbed of social networking probably isn’t that high among your priorities, anyway.

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