CM Launches Fresh Redesign + Video

Customer Magnetism's fresh website designCustomer Magnetism is excited to announce that as of Friday, you can see our fresh new look along with a super-cool animated video about our services!

Why the new look?
While our new look is not a drastic overhaul, our aim is to better showcase ourselves as a full-service Internet marketing agency as well as update our brand a bit with a clean and professional (yet fun) look. We’ve expanded all of our search engine marketing services to help our clients reach a wider audience, and we wanted to highlight some of the things people might not know about what we do.


Have a minute? Take a look around our website and check out our new video. Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

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  • Ariole

    Love the new look. The “face lift” brings about a more contemporary feel to the website and provides a simplistic description of both internet marketing and the company’s services. Good look!