Coming soon to a store near you: the iPhone 5

It’s become the talk of the internet over the last 24 hours: the release of the iPhone 5. Apple unveiled its newest smartphone at a press conference Thursday, and as expected, social media users immediately started buzzing about the phone’s newest features. The sixth-generation iPhone is not only lighter and thinner than previous models, but also a bit longer, with a 4” screen (up from 3.5”) that allows for an extra row of icons. The phone’s backplate is now made of aluminum, a welcome change from the glass backplate its predecessor featured.

The New iPhone 5

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Now featuring access to the 4G LTE network, the newest iPhone offers blazing fast data speeds that have become popular amongst smartphone users, as well as a faster processor, thanks to Apple’s new A6 chip. Other new features include a panoramic camera setting, longer battery life, and 3-D maps. Although the new bells and whistles make the iPhone 5 more attractive, the phone still keeps a lot of prior features, like Siri. In anticipation of the new smartphone, late night funnyman Jimmy Kimmel had a little fun with iPhone users; check out the video below to see the prank he played.

One major change is the Lightning, the phone’s new dock connector that’s much smaller than on previous models. While older iPhones and iPods used a 30-pin connector, the iPhone 5’s connector is only 8. However, if you were thinking of upgrading, but find this to be a bit of an issue, don’t worry, you may still purchase a special adapter that starts at $30.

The iPhone 5 goes on sale September 21, although Apple began taking preorders early Friday morning. The starting price is $199 for a 16 GB model. So what are your thoughts? Do you plan to stand in line on the 21st, have you already made your order, or are you perfectly content with your current smartphone? Let us know!

Above: Jimmy Kimmel previews the iPhone 5