The Slow but Powerful ROI of Online Branding

The Slow but Powerful ROI of Online Branding

Tracking ROI A sad comment often heard within the marketing community is, “I know that at least half of my marketing worked last year. I just don’t know which half.”  The good news is that online marketing efforts are fairly easy… Read more »

29 Things to Do Before Your Next Leap Day

I have a fairly good feeling that if you are reading this you remember the last time Leap Day showed up, unwanted and interrupting our usual 28 day February flow. Take a quick trip down memory lane with me and… Read more »

The Big Game Ads: CM’s Best and Worst Picks

The Big Game, personally I feel like it was a huge letdown. A little lopsided for my taste. But that’s aside from the point, so let’s get to why you are really here. I am referring to the ads. Millions… Read more »

Step-By-Step on Creating a Cinemagraph

Ever  noticed one of those stunning cinemagraphs while you visited a site or scrolled through your newsfeed? We have Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck to thank because they first created the first cinemagraph in 2011. A cinemagraph is a photo… Read more »

Social Media Nightmares and How To Face Them

Are you scared of wicked things that go bump in the night? Social media managers have a lot more to be afraid of than the undead. If you’ve ever wondered what plagues the minds of the world’s social managers when… Read more »

How Content is the Foundation of SEO

I recently attended INBOUND 2015 where thousands of inbound marketing agents gathered and caught a presentation by Chad Pollitt, the Co-Founder of Relevance and he said, “SEO is not something you do anymore, it’s what happens when you do everything else… Read more »

Top 10 Useful Resources and Productivity Tools for Web Designers

When I design websites, I go through a design process that helps me both creatively and systematically create a finished product. Below you’ll find tools and resources that’ll boost your productivity, efficiency and inspiration, as it has done for me.   1. FONT… Read more »

Pinspiration: Leveraging Pinterest Ads For Your Brand

We all are pretty familiar with the impact Facebook has made on social media companies, but you might be surprised to know that Pinterest is tailing right behind in the number two spot. The social network’s growth has expanded drastically… Read more »

Social Media Contest Ideas

  Looking for rules and social media contest ideas? Here you go! We can’t help you get out of that parking ticket, but we sure can protect you from the social media police! Most of us have probably broken a few rules… Read more »