Step-By-Step on Creating a Cinemagraph

Ever  noticed one of those stunning cinemagraphs while you visited a site or scrolled through your newsfeed? We have Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck to thank because they first created the first cinemagraph in 2011. A cinemagraph is a photo… Read more »

Customer Magnetism’s Marketing Predictions for 2016

It’s hard to believe another year is gone, but while we’re making every effort to remember to write down the correct date these first few weeks, the team also decided to tap into our clairvoyant side to make some marketing predictions… Read more »

4 Marketing Lessons Learned from A Christmas Story

Ralphie has one goal this Christmas: to get a Red Ryder BB Gun. A Christmas Story highlights the many requests and ultimate success of a child’s holiday wish. This movie is chock full of instantly classic moments: from the triple… Read more »

Why I Hate The Word “Viral”

It’s not so much the word that I have a problem with, rather when people ask me or my team to make something “go viral.” If only it were that simple. My team and I would wave our viral wand… Read more »

How Small Businesses Can Market for Black Friday

The holidays are quickly approaching and as a business owner you know that this season can make or break your bottom line this year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest sales days of the year, also… Read more »

Why You Want Your Customers to Be Cubs’ Fans

Alright, so they didn’t win the World Series this year, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want your customers to be Chicago Cubs’ fans. This past summer, I made my way to Wrigley field for the first time. A born… Read more »

How Content is the Foundation of SEO

I recently attended INBOUND 2015 where thousands of inbound marketing agents gathered and caught a presentation by Chad Pollitt, the Co-Founder of Relevance and he said, “SEO is not something you do anymore, it’s what happens when you do everything else… Read more »

Ad-Blockers and Why Shrugging Them Off is a Bad Idea

  Display ads. Remarketing. On-page ads. All these are useful and fairly easy ways to get a short but powerful message and CTA in front of potential customers. What if all that work and effort for potential sales and leads… Read more »

Pinspiration: Leveraging Pinterest Ads For Your Brand

We all are pretty familiar with the impact Facebook has made on social media companies, but you might be surprised to know that Pinterest is tailing right behind in the number two spot. The social network’s growth has expanded drastically… Read more »