Content and Social Trends for 2017

With 2017 in full swing (okay, where did the first half of January go?) – it’s time to take a look at what this year may bring in terms of social and content. Here are some of my thoughts of… Read more »

How to Use Content Gating Effectively

Gated content can help drive web leads for your business. But, understanding the right process, the right content to gate and how to properly gate can help you increase overall conversions. Outlined below are a few tips to set you… Read more »

How Do You Search Online?

It’s something that we almost take for granted – when we search for something online, we expect to find the results immediately. However, the way that I search can drastically differ than how my co-worker, Sydney searches or even how… Read more »

10 Ways to Be Creative

In a world with so many creative minds, news that travels faster than we can type it out and brands that are always pushing the marketing envelope – how can we stay ahead of the game? What can we do… Read more »

How to Increase Your Blog Subscribers

You spend time creating a blog strategy, writing content and promoting it to your readers and fans. But, how can you reach and engage with even more readers? By having a blog subscriber’s list, you are ensuring the people who… Read more »

How to Use LinkedIn for Your Business

Most people understand LinkedIn from a personal perspective. It’s a great way to grow your network, connect with old colleagues, share professional accomplishments and see what your old college buddies and co-workers have achieved in their careers. But, when it… Read more »

How to Write a Good Marketing Email

If you’re anything like me… your inbox is cluttered with promotional emails from different retailers, publishers and everything in between offering 50% off this and Limited Time Offers! Well, if you’re also like me – your eyes glaze over and… Read more »

The Slow but Powerful ROI of Online Branding

The Slow but Powerful ROI of Online Branding

Tracking ROI A sad comment often heard within the marketing community is, “I know that at least half of my marketing worked last year. I just don’t know which half.”  The good news is that online marketing efforts are fairly easy… Read more »

Creating Content for the Sales Funnel

You probably have read multiple blogs about how to define your sales funnel, the importance of creating your target personas and then, of course, understanding their buyer’s journey. That is great and all, but once you have all of that… Read more »

Why Chasing #1 Is No Longer Relevant

It was the most popular question for our sales team a few years ago and quite frankly, we still get the questions “how will this help me rank better?” Now, I’m not saying that your Google rankings are no longer… Read more »

Creating a Personalized Promotion Schedule

Promoting your content over your social media platforms is by now a no-brainer. Everyone that makes content that has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. will add their content whenever they publish it. However, it is no longer enough to just… Read more »