3 Brands Who Set the Customer Service Standard

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it can get a little tricky once your business starts to boom. Some can argue that having a firm grasp on your customer support will make all the difference between boom and bust…. Read more »

Creating Brand Guidelines

How having well-established brand guidelines can save you time and resources. Building a brand is a strategic part of running a successful business in today’s market. Some businesses have created an over the top brand while others take a more… Read more »

3 Ways to Stretch Your Marketing Budget

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The Slow but Powerful ROI of Online Branding

The Slow but Powerful ROI of Online Branding

Tracking ROI A sad comment often heard within the marketing community is, “I know that at least half of my marketing worked last year. I just don’t know which half.”  The good news is that online marketing efforts are fairly easy… Read more »

Managing Client Expectations

The research is done, the sales pitch is complete and the contracts are signed. While you have every right to celebrate, the journey has just begun. Building long-term and successful relationship will take effort, commitment and trust. In this post… Read more »

How Good Business Practices Can Impact Your Rankings

For over 15 years I have been working in the digital marketing space, with the bulk of the earlier years being strictly focused on SEO and keeping up with the latest best practices. Over the past few years we (digital… Read more »

4 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

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5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following Organically

5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following Organically

With about 300 million monthly active users, Instagram is fun, free, and easy to use, which opens the door to reveal endless opportunities for creative agencies; it allows you to showcase your work/products in an inconspicuous, captivating, and appealing way in front of millions of people, quite unlike… Read more »

Getting to Know CM: Your Team

When talking with clients and potential clients, the one point that we try to make as clear as possible is that CM is now your team. We like to say we are an extension of your marketing team but more… Read more »

10 Tips for Greater Brainstorming Success

It’s a balance of creativity and structure to host the most effective brainstorming session for your business. Whether it’s for your company, clients, or new business, there are some tried and true tips on how to brainstorm that will leave you… Read more »

The 5 W’s of Call Tracking

R.O.I. – three small letters that can make or break any marketing plan, strategy or even a professional. When it comes to investing in any type of marketing, figuring out what, if any, return your investment has is crucial to… Read more »

8 Tips to Creating a Blog Strategy

  It seems so simple. Creating a blog strategy, something that you should be able to knock out in a few minutes and be set for your entire year of content creation, right? Wrong. It’s a process that takes time,… Read more »