Catching Up With Google on a Busy – And Short – Week

Google made a number of changes in the past week or two that are causing quite a stir. Some were directly related to others and some were not. Here is a quick recap of the major tweaks for those still recovering from the holiday weekend and a short workweek.

– Early this week Google stopped its Realtime Search feeds. When Realtime Search was up and running, social media website’s realtime posts, called tweets, were a part of Google’s realtime feeds along with posts from other sites, like Google News, Google Buzz, Jaiku, FriendFeed, MySpace,, Facebook, Gowalla and TwitArmy. The why part of the Realtime Search shutdown was addressed when Google released a statement saying its contract access to a Twitter feed of all tweets expired.

– Google began its social media feature Google+ last week in an invite-only rollout. With a number of social features, the new service offers users the chance to post comments and photos while keeping up with chats and interesting topics in user-created social circles. Expect the eventual restart of Realtime Search to include Google+.

-If you spent a lot of time trying to untangle Google’s latest social media moves, you might not have noticed the new Google home page. It has smaller logos and fewer distractions for users. Will this affect how people search? There’s no telling. What will affect how people search is that Google has promised to make a uniform look for viewers using different types of online connections. When your potential customers begin a search, the new home page design will appear the same on a desktop screen, laptop, Smartphone or netbook. This lets users get right down to business.

While it is currently unknown how much these changes will affect the Google search algorithm and the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), at the very least, it has given people using the Internet for information and advertising something to talk about.

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  • Noooooo! 🙁
    I loved Google Real Time!
    Thanks for the update, MJ.

  • MJ

    It will be interesting to see how they change it and how soon they relaunch.