Cash in on Your Content with Google Consumer Surveys

Content creation is happening everywhere you turn on the web. As the popularity of content creation skyrockets, marketers are spending more time and money developing content that will stand out in an overloaded and fiercely competitive space. All that was missing from the practice of content creation was a way for marketers to capitalize on their creative work beyond using it as bait to capture leads. Google may have just filled that void with Google Consumer Surveys.

Google Consumer Surveys act as a barrier between your visitors and the content they are trying to access. Instead of paying or filling out a form to view your content, your visitors can answer a few short survey questions to unlock access. In turn, the site that hosts the content gets compensated for each question answered by a visitor. The owner of the content can earn up to 5 cents per answered question. Not only can website owners cash in on the opportunity, marketers can also become survey publishers and gain valuable market research from participating audiences. Survey publishers are charged 10 cents per survey. All you need to qualify is a Google AdSense account in good standing and visitors who are at least 18 years old.

Google Consumer Surveys can be added to a site with just a few lines of code. Site owners have full control over where and how often the survey appears and how much content will be available to those who complete the surveys. If you think your content has what it takes to get users answering survey questions to gain access, it might be worth it to add a Google Consumer Survey to your website.

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Rio Ziegler

Social Media Manager at Customer Magnetism
When Rio is not whipping up social media content, managing social ads, and analyzing social data, you can find her living in her local gym, pursuing a plethora of random hobbies, and feeding her addiction to salt water as CM’s resident mermaid.