Be The Tortoise Not The Hare

We’re addicted to fast in this country — fast food, fast cars, and fast results. However, when it comes to search engine optimization, real results don’t happen fast. This is one of the first things your search engine optimization provider should speak to you about. If they don’t, then you should ask them yourself. For quality search engine positioning strategies that both client and provider are happy with, expectations need to be in line.

While there are no hard and fast rules about how long it should take for a search engine optimization strategy to show results, a rough guide would be a 1-3 months. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons a search engine optimization campaign takes time to establish itself

Organic Search Engine Optimization

There are normally two aspects to a search engine positioning campaign that your SEO company will incorporate. These are paid-for strategies and organic strategies.

Paid for strategies are largely comprised of Pay-Per-Click advertising. This is the advertising you see on Google, or Yahoo under the Sponsored Links section at the top and sides of the page. Using your predetermined keywords, your SEO company will develop an ad to place on the search sites. You will pay a fee when someone clicks on the ad. This click is known as a ‘click-through’ in SEO-speak.

Organic, or natural search engine ranking as it’s sometimes called, is where your search engine positioning is elevated by unpaid techniques. These techniques can include organic one-way link building, article writing, or content optimization on the website itself.

The organic techniques, which are generally scored higher by the search engine’s ranking systems, can be slow to come to fruition as they take up a considerable human labor element. However, the results are often more fruitful. People surfing the web for solutions tend to trust organic search results more than sponsored links. The consensus is that the sites listed in the organic results have earned their place based on merit as opposed to a paid listing that can be achieved by the highest bidder.

Search Engine Positioning Time And Effort

When commencing a search engine optimization campaign, it’s imperative to look at allocating enough human resources to the task. This can be either internally in your own company, or being realistic about needing to outsource SEO work.

Some of the recommendations that a SEO company might make may relate to your website’s architecture. Updating, or re-doing the architecture of your site can have a phenomenal effect on your search engine positioning. However, this requires a great deal of time and effort to achieve.

Similarly, keeping content fresh and relevant, or authoring articles for organic link building requires a dedicated individual, or the correct amount of outsourcing dollars, for it to be an effective part of your SEO campaign.

No News Is Not Good News

The saying of no news is good news really doesn’t apply to the world of search engine optimization. Part of the way that search engines like Google rank websites is based upon the quality, and continuous addition of content on the site. This means that if your company is having a slow news month, your search rankings could suffer. It is therefore vital for you to factor in to the equation when you’re analyzing your SEO results from that month.

Search Engine Positioning Seasons Can Be Hot And Cold

When setting your expectations with your search engine optimization company, make sure you consider the effects of seasonality. What is meant by this is that the flow of traffic on the internet has its ups and downs according to the season. Over Christmas and the New Year’s holiday, people are sometimes on vacation, or simply not looking to buy certain products. This doesn’t only affect those with seasonal products, SEO results will vary from month to month throughout the year for any company. Knowing that you won’t keep on seeing your search engine rankings go up and up every month will make for a good relationship between you and your SEO provider.

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