Google releases Penguin 4.0 –The Integration of the Penguin

Friday, September 23 Google announced that Penguin 4.0 has now become part of the Google ranking algorithm. Not just an after-thought anymore, Penguin’s newest update has assimilated into the algorithm to be a standard player in the ranking of your… Read more »

3 Brands Who Set the Customer Service Standard

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it can get a little tricky once your business starts to boom. Some can argue that having a firm grasp on your customer support will make all the difference between boom and bust…. Read more »

Creating Brand Guidelines

How having well-established brand guidelines can save you time and resources. Building a brand is a strategic part of running a successful business in today’s market. Some businesses have created an over the top brand while others take a more… Read more »

Considering More Social Media?

Should you stay up-to-date with the newest social platforms or stay true to what you know? With so many social channels keeping you busy already, how do you decide which new social channel to dive into? Before deciding on your… Read more »

Yet Another Digital Marketing Jargon List

There are many new and exciting words that come about within the digital marketing space. Pogo sticking, the fly wheel and moving the needle all come to mind. Some come and go and some have lasting power. Let’s go over… Read more »

Creating a Personalized Promotion Schedule

Promoting your content over your social media platforms is by now a no-brainer. Everyone that makes content that has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. will add their content whenever they publish it. However, it is no longer enough to just… Read more »

Content Marketing is Not an Option But the Option

Let’s get down to brass tacks, content marketing is now a necessity. If you are part of the digital realm, you need to be creating and answering questions to make yourself relevant on the web. This doesn’t mean that you… Read more »

The Irish Round-Up

Cheers! For every holiday, there seems to be a push for marketers to create, innovate and produce something new and groundbreaking. It doesn’t always work out great because there will always be a lazy way to market a holiday. For… Read more »

29 Things to Do Before Your Next Leap Day

I have a fairly good feeling that if you are reading this you remember the last time Leap Day showed up, unwanted and interrupting our usual 28 day February flow. Take a quick trip down memory lane with me and… Read more »

The Big Game Ads: CM’s Best and Worst Picks

The Big Game, personally I feel like it was a huge letdown. A little lopsided for my taste. But that’s aside from the point, so let’s get to why you are really here. I am referring to the ads. Millions… Read more »

Are You Listening to Your Audience?

Producing content can be a great technique for increasing business and getting involved with your brand’s community. However, if you are not listening to what your audience is asking or wants to hear then you may be doing more harm… Read more »