Analytics: Is Yours Working Like You THINK It Is?

Google Analytics isn’t a new concept. As webmasters and SEOs we use analytics to track information coming to our site which helps us better determine ROI, bounce rates, leads, and losses. Analytics is a vital part of the SEO process. But sometimes it gets hard to determine if we are tracking the right information? Or if the information is conclusive or correct?

Image By Dimas R

Image By Dimas R

I feel it is safe to say that not everyone has “universal footers” or some type of dynamic include built into their website. If you’re not sure what this means, basically it is a simply way to update a specific section of a webpage across your entire website. (Much like external CSS files) The time-consuming problem is when you don’t have these dynamic functions available, then one must go page-by-page to make changes, update copyright dates and even insert tracking codes. This can be extremely time consuming, especially if you have an old, non-dynamic website.

Often times you may spend hours inserting your Google Analytics code on every page of your website, and yet the numbers may still seem “off”. You may notice that the numbers in your reports are off, or don’t match up with your sales. The problem could very much be the tracking code! It might be implemented incorrectly, possible broken or maybe just not even installed. Now what??

Here’s the deal and what brings me to my amazing revelation! I found this site that will actually perform a FREE (yeah, I said free) scan of your site to let you know if the GA code is properly installed! How simply is that? No more clicking on every page to view the source code and trying to see if the code is there or not. This tool does it all for you. So if you think you traffic might be “off”, check out the tool…it’s pretty awesome.

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