AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Big Changes for Small Screens

We live in a society that is gradually more connected, and increasingly portable. The mobile wave has crashed down over the free world, leaving in its wake droves of media-drunk web junkies, so it should be no surprise that soon, mobile will surpass desktop as the number one way people search on the web.

The wave of mobile crashing down upon us all

The wave of mobile crashing down upon us all

With a crystal ball and a head of dreams for the future of the web (along with super decelerated mobile ad adoption), Google has made a bold move that will change their advertising platform forever: AdWords Enhanced Campaigns.

If I were asked to describe Enhanced Campaigns concisely (which by the way, would be completely unlike anything I’d ever do), I’d probably say something like “Enhanced Campaigns are pretty much exactly like what Google already offers, just less of a pain in the ass.” You see, AdWords Enhanced Campaigns are really not much more than an easier mobile opt-in and easier bid management for mobile and location targeting, so instead of having to initiate separate campaigns for each location and device combo, you’ll instead begin incorporating “bid adjustments” into your campaigns for precise targeting in various contexts. Okay, okay, so maybe “bid adjustments” are where some of the pain of it comes back in, but it’s really just a learning curve (learn more here).

The trade-off for the “bid adjustments” calamity is that now your ads are going to become absolutely brilliant, adjusting to their context and selecting the perfect ad for locations, devices, and time of day. A few new ad extension management features will roll out in the near future, too, so you’ll be able to configure call extensions, site link extensions, and more, also based on context. With possibilities like this, the world is yours. Just kidding; it’s still Google’s.

Google’s AdWords Enhanced Campaigns will be coming to you by the end of this month! Want the full story? Learn more in Google’s Upgrade Guide and check out the video below.