Advertisers Get Insights about a Whole New Audience on Facebook

Facebook’s Insights have always given admins valuable data about their Page’s fan base. After all, even if you’ve already done the market research and know who your target audience is, sometimes your actual following on social can vary, and it’s important to know who you’re really talking to. But what about that part of your target audience that isn’t following you quite yet? Before now, there wasn’t much you could learn about their behaviors on Facebook. You could target them pretty closely through ads based off interests or workplaces, age demographics or life events, but besides an approximated number of targeted people, you couldn’t know much else. As of this week, however, Facebook has launched a new tool for marketers: Audience Insights.

facebook audience insights

source: Facebook itself

“Say you want to raise awareness for your women’s luxury fashion brand, and you sell your products in-store,” Facebook blogged yesterday as part of their announcement. “You’d want to know how many people on Facebook live near your stores, as well as their interests, their past purchase behavior and how they tend to shop (online vs. in-store). Using Audience Insights, you can get aggregate and anonymous information such as:

  • Demographics — Age and gender, lifestyle, education, relationship status, job role and household size
  • Page likes — The top Pages people like in different categories, like women’s apparel or sports
  • Location and language — Where do people live, and what languages do they speak
  • Facebook usage — How frequently are people in your target audience logging onto Facebook and what device(s) they are using when they log on
  • Purchases activity — Past purchase behavior (i.e. heavy buyers of women’s apparel) and purchase methods (i.e., in-store, online)”

Admins will be able to view this information from a few different perspectives: their own fans (so basically Page Insights), those already in a Customer Audience you’ve created through the ads manager, and users on Facebook as a whole. Now, even though that sounds like a pretty vast amount of available new personal data, never fear, users! Facebook has ensured that any info will be presented in a way that will continue to protect their users’ privacy.

The tool will be rolling out to advertisers over the “coming months,” so it’s hard to say yet how valuable the data will be, or how much of a difference it will make in how businesses connect with their audiences on Facebook. Either way, we’ll be ready and waiting!