Abracadabra! Yahoo! Makes Email Ads Disappear

Paid Internet advertising is one of the many ways to gain traffic to your site online. This advertising can be strategically targeted to search engines, blog, web pages and even embedded in free email programs.  However, some programs do not always work in favor for the person purchasing the ad.

Email advertising, for example, has a pretty captive audience. Users that have free email accounts will most likely see some type of advertising when they log in. Simply put, the email account is free in exchange for having ads displayed. That’s why it’s free!

Most users check their email at least once a day, if not more. One of the selling points for display advertising is that people will see your ad in optimal placement and can check out your product at any time. Yahoo! Mail recently changed that, allowing its email users to make them vanish “temporarily.”

Image by OCAL

Image by OCAL

The placement of the new Collapse Ad button feature gives people more room to read their emails, a request Yahoo! received repeatedly from its customers. With more room to see their contacts’ updates, read email and check their calendars, there is less room for ads.  For most netbook users or those with older, smaller monitors, this is a welcome change.

Great for the user, not so great for the advertiser. With a quick click, the ads on the right disappear. What stays intact is the amount of money the advertisers are spending on these vanishing ads. When placing them, businesses are putting good faith in Yahoo! to deliver what they promise. How many advertisers are even aware that their ads are being removed without their price per ad being reduced? One of the selling points for Yahoo! has been that people will see it every time they log in. Yes, this is still true, but the amount of time the ad is seen has been drastically reduced.

Every time someone logs in to their account, they can click on an arrow button to the left of the ad and like magic, it disappears. Temporarily. Once you leave and come back, the ad is there again.

This feature is only available in New Yahoo! Mail. So at one extreme, those who are still clinging to Yahoo Classic are stuck with the ads. On the other hand, Yahoo! Mail customers that want to avoid display advertising completely can sign up for a paid Yahoo! Mail account. Of course, it doesn’t hurt Yahoo! to have customers create revenue in lieu of advertising, either.

When all is said and done, Yahoo! is just trying to make everyone happy. But to achieve that would truly be a magic trick.

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