A Simple Way To Increase Social Media Engagement (No Funny Videos Of Cats Required)

It’s no secret that for social media, success usually starts with engagement. When people are inspired to interact with your brand, they’re more likely to talk about it offline and to share things with their friends. They’ll naturally extend your reach, bringing even more customers into the fold. But how do you get to that ideal? Well, you can start by doing something astonishingly simple: talk about yourself.

There are three basic kinds of Facebook posts. The first is non-branded and non-industry specific. It’s the equivalent of Customer Magnetism posting about sports news. The second is industry specific, but not branded. This category includes everything from links to relevant news articles about your industry to engagement questions designed to get people talking about the field. Engagement questions ask for opinions, encouraging readers to think and talk about your industry as they ponder. The final type of post is both branded and industry specific. This might be a share of something you wrote, an announcement of a new product, or a question about experiences with your products or services.

For best results, share things that fall into the second and third categories. When companies share things that are directly related to the company’s industry and/or brand, they are more likely to see engagement. People follow you because they’re interested in hearing what you have to say about your field. They’re going to be much more excited about a post that speaks to that interest than they would be about something generic.

There are two exceptions to this idea, and they are (not really surprisingly) anything funny or off-the-wall. If it’s unique, even if it isn’t industry specific or branded, it’s likely to get traction. Likewise, if it makes people laugh, they’ll want to share it with others and get them laughing too.

But don’t spend all your time on these kinds of posts. We could easily spend all of our time sharing cat videos through our Facebook page. They are hilarious and cute, but they aren’t directly related to our field. We do share things that aren’t directly on-topic, but most of what we post is pretty clearly industry relevant and (we hope) interesting. That’s what our audience wants from us. Think about it: would you like us more if we only posted cat videos? Actually, don’t answer that.

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