8 Must-See Websites for Earth Day

With Earth Day’s 40th anniversary next Thursday, there are many websites gearing up for the event. Some are social networking sites that always target environmentally-friendly behavior, while others are specifically focusing on April 17-25, and Thursday, April 22 in particular. While there are hundreds of sites featuring ways to go green, we have chosen just a few to highlight. Take a moment to check them out and get involved for Earth Day.

Celebrate the 40th Earth Day birthday with earthday.net. There are a variety of programs and campaigns listed here, from buying a T-shirt to calculating your ecological footprint. Join in on discussion and debate, or attend the Climate Rally in Washington, DC on April 25th.

More than 5 million green acts have been documented. Add yours to the mix. Type in your green act and make a pledge to help the Earth Day Network reach its goal of a billion acts of green. If you need help deciding what to do, they even have a list to choose from. Pick one.

Looking for a green collar job? Search by location, experience level or career path. Environmentally-conscious and green industry companies list internships, volunteer and paid positions here.

Find a way to be cleaner, greener and more involved. Take a challenge or make a challenge. They are featuring a different one on their website for each week in April. So far, 32,000 Rallyers have reduced CO2 emission by more than 4.7 million tons. What can you do?

For all the reading material your eyes could ever digest about environmental concerns with a focus on things you can do, take a peek at their website. If you’re a writer, they are looking for help with creating and editing content.

With more than 7 million members, this website focuses on keeping usable items out of landfills. The number of local groups is approaching 5,000. Find your city and see what your neighbors have to offer as cheap as it comes – FREE! If you are looking for something special, make a post. You might find it.

One way to be a little greener is to share a ride to work or school. Especially for long-distance commuters, not only are you saving money, but consider the drop in vehicle emissions an Earth Day bonus.


Treehugger.com, notorious for blogs on earth-friendly topics and stemming some great debates, has brought back its Reader’s Choice Awards. Take a look at the 200-plus winners in 8 categories.

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