6 Marketing Tips that Will Take Away Your Will to Live if You Have to Hear Them One More Time

we know how you feelThe thing is, like, these tips are all totally valid. As a business, a brand, an entrepreneur, or any person that has any responsibility representing a community online, you should take all of these tips to heart. You should have taken them to heart and implemented them four years ago, though. And maybe you were a little slow on the uptake and you just really grew into these in the past year or so. That’s fine! But you shouldn’t—nay, no one should—have to read endless articles with the following tips included with any sort of claim at groundbreaking content or sage advice:

1. Be transparent: *head desk* This is possibly the most-used and most-misconstrued piece of advice floating around the crowded, cloudy wave pool that is the Internet. At this point, at its most basic level, this non-pro-tip just means be authentic. If you’re not intrinsically motivated to do that as an individual or as a brand, it’s probably not going to help to read that.

2. Engage with your audience: Or in other words, something historically referred to as customer service. It was important to engage with your audience before the Internet was around via customer support phone lines and snail mail departments. It’s important now. The ways we communicate have just become more public and democratized so yes, you should be engaging with your audience and whether you have been or not, you sure don’t need someone to tell you again, do you?

3. Be yourself: What they should have been saying all along is: “be a nicer, more professional version of yourself.” Or, if you’re coming from a brand perspective: “be the brand, and be consistent.” It looks like someone told Amanda Bynes to be herself on Twitter and look where that’s gotten us.

4. Create killer content: Do this! Definitely do this. But as far as a “tip,” it shouldn’t be news to anyone that search engines and users both only want to read stuff that is actually good. It’s just the truth. It’s like saying “sell a good product or service.” Which, by the way, we would also recommend if you hadn’t started there when creating your business.

5. Leverage your network: What else are networks for?

6. Become an influencer: Honestly, if you’re reading anything that has this piece of advice included and it’s the first time you’ve seen it—you’ve probably missed the boat on becoming an influencer. Obviously, if you have a meaningful way to contribute to your industry, you should. And you probably are.

What tired, over-used marketing “tips” are you tired of hearing? Leave us your favorites (or least favorites) in the comments!