28 29 Things to Do Before Your Next Leap Day

CM-29_Things-900x450I have a fairly good feeling that if you are reading this you remember the last time Leap Day showed up, unwanted and interrupting our usual 28 day February flow. Take a quick trip down memory lane with me and recount everything you have accomplished since then. Go ahead and actually make a list. Share anything you want, it can be personal, professional, life goals or a combination of everything. Let me help you start.

Since the date of February 29, 2012, I have managed to accomplish –

Do you have a long list of things you have done? Great job! Is your list not very long at all? Just remember, it’s not always about the length of the list, but the quality of the items on the list. If you did great with accomplishing many goals over the last four years, don’t stop there. We want to help inspire you to create a list of new tasks to accomplish in the next 4 years, before Leap Year 2020 happens. (When did we get so old?)

Here it goes –

I’m going to start with some personal goals, these are some of my own and some co-workers ideas that we would like to successfully cross off in the next 4 years.

Personal goals

  1. See how many books you can read (I will shoot for 8)
  2. Call someone important to you once a week
  3. Learn to play an instrument
  4. Visit a state you have never been to
  5. Visit a new country
  6. Try cooking a completely new recipe every month
  7. Set a monthly fitness goal
  8. Donate (time, money, clothes, food)
  9. Take pictures and get them developed
  10. Write a letter and mail it (yes, snail mail)

Not so bad, right? Now, professional goals may not necessarily apply to each and every one of you, but you can transform my ideas into a goal that does work for you. Push yourself in your career, just as you are pushing yourself with your personal goals!

Professional Goals

  1. Get that promotion you want
  2. Now get the next promotion (You do have 4 years to get this done)
  3. Learn every co-worker’s name
  4. Dress for the job you want
  5. Increase your WPM by 25%
  6. Take a class/workshop that is work-related
  7. Go to a work-related conference (here are a few that apply to marketing)
  8. Speak at a conference about what you do
  9. Share 1 LinkedIn post a week
  10. Make (update) your resume, wait a month then do it again (you will be surprised what you add)
  11. Take a vacation and totally disconnect

Those are some pretty general goals, so you should be able to create something personal to you. Up next, we are going to create goals that apply to the digital marketing agents out there.

Businesswoman stands on the street in the city

Digital Marketing Goals

  1. Get to know Photoshop (everyone should have an understanding of the basics)
  2. Find a certification and earn it
  3. Find the “why” for what you do and post it somewhere for you to see
  4. Fall (back) in love with what you do
  5. Write a strategy for a client that you would love to work with
  6. Give it to that client – for free (think long-term)
  7. Teach someone how to do your job (AKA be a mentor)

Certainly not least –

  1. Make your own list, put it somewhere that you will see it every day and start crossing things off!

Thanks for reading and I hope this has been inspiring. I am going to go print this up and hang it up at my desk to remind me every day of what I should be working towards. I will let you know how far I get by next Leap Day. It will be here sooner than you think.


Happy Leap Day!

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Jake Barker

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Jake is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Customer Magnetism. When he is in the office you can find him brainstorming or creating content strategies with coffee in hand and various bags of chips at his desk. He also enjoys snowboarding and turn of the century pop punk.