The Seven Spirit Animals
of Internet Marketing

  • 3 Wolf Moon
  • Panda
  • Fortune Cat
  • Arctic Fox
  • The Chameleon
  • Penguin
  • Betty White

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Social: Three Wolf Moon

This wolf pack is perpetually howling at the moon. Lone wolves howl to get the attention of their pack, but as a group, a pack can howl to warn or welcome other packs. Give these guys something good to bark about and you'll be welcomed into the pack for sure. Make them mad . . . and you might not ever hear the end of it.

Content: The Panda

How could we not? Google's Panda update has forever associated pandas with content in our minds, and for good reason. Pandas are big, smart, and easy to love, just like any truly good content should be. Even though they come from a carnivorous ancestry, these guys are vegetarians. They're good-natured AND can hold their own in a kung-fu battle? Perfect. Unfortunately, they're also endangered. Womp.

PPC: The Beckoning Cat

The ceramic fortune cat figurine, with its long history in prosperity, embodies the best Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Its name, Maneki Neko, literally means "beckoning cat." And while it might not develop on its own like a living cat would, this painted feline is always on display. Be careful, though. If you let it collect dust, it might start to go unnoticed by any passers by.

Mobile: The Arctic Fox

Quick, adorable, and sleekly designed, the arctic fox perfectly personifies a good mobile site. These nomads are always on the move, sometimes at speeds up to 30mph. They might be little, but like sites viewed on a mobile device, bigger usually isn't better.

Design: The Chameleon

Chama chama chama chameleon! It might seem like they're all about looks, but these fancy colors aren't just for show. Chameleons don't actually change their appearance to mimic the environment they change according to light, emotions, and temperature. Intuitive much? Chameleons adapt. Design should too.

Links: The Penguin

Google has a thing for animals starting with "P," no? Their Penguin update focused on quality links. And just like good links, penguins are trustworthy and enduring. Loyalty and longevity keep penguin relationships going, and building real relationships with peers in your industry should keep that link profile growing, too. They are the fastest swimming and deepest diving birds on Earth, being extremely thorough in their search for a tasty dinner. Keep diving for those relevant, high-quality links.

Email: Betty White

Just like Betty White, email marketing is old but still kickin' it. Sure, a ton of newer, hotter starlets (and strategies) have come along, but Betty's audience has only grown in her golden years. The important thing to remember is that while SNL sketches and commercials with Betty White in them are hilarious, they're also few and far between and more loveable because of it. She's not a full-time actress anymore, and email marketing can't be a full-time strategy.