5 Ways to Personalize Your Social Media Posts


Social Media is for connecting with your audience. This can only be done effectively if your social content is personalized and relatable, otherwise, your brand runs the risk of sounding stale and disinterested. So how does a brand utilize social media in a way that shows they really care about what message they’re sharing? Use these five ideas and we’ll guarantee that you will connect with your audience on a whole new level.

Customize Content on Different Channels

Don’t get too comfortable with the ease of scheduling one message across the board for all of your social media networks. Sure it’s convenient to be able to come up with one idea and plug it in, but the reality is that different platforms need diverse content to be the most effective. Leverage Twitter for its news focus and fast-paced relevancy to promote articles and blogs from your site, recent industry news, and current events that relate to your audience and product. Then take advantage of the visual element of Pinterest to promote products or build boards around your consumer’s interests. Familiarize yourself with the marketing strategies that work best on each platform and then customize your strategy from there. It will take more time, but your audience will appreciate being catered to, and you’ll see better engagement as a result. You also need to keep in mind that you have different audiences depending on the platform. Your demographic may change depending on what medium you’re reaching them on.


Solve your Customer’s Problems

A key way to create personable social media tactics is to really listen to your audience’s pain points, and address them head-on with solutions. Start a conversation to see where you can improve the satisfaction of your customers and then provide answers to questions and concerns regarding your products or services. Remember when we said that listening to your audience’s pain point(s) was a step to creating a great white paper? This strategy is great to implement into personalizing your social media marketing campaigns as well.

Create a Voice for Your Brand

Decide what kind of voice you want your brand to have. Are you going to be streamlined and professional, or sarcastic and witty? Determine the persona that best fits the messages you’re sending as a company and stay consistent in that voice in posts, responses, and interactions with your audience. Consider Taco Bell as an example, they have a playful, sassy persona that they use to appeal to their younger audiences.

Ask Questions and Engage Your Customers

What better way to communicate and personalize your social media than by asking your audience what they want to hear from you? By engaging with your customers on your social media platforms, regardless of the medium, you’re building relationships and generating more intimate platforms where your audience feels at home in communicating with you.

Be Responsive

Make sure you respond to questions and comments from your followers. If they’re taking the time to speak out to your brand, it means they want to feel heard. Whether you’re solving a problem for them, or simply thanking them for taking the time to talk to you, it’s important to show you’re listening. Social media is a great platform for customer service as well, and handling contact on your social channels can really make your marketing game thrive.