5 Tips for Driving Traffic with Facebook


From ads to posts, here’s how to get people from Facebook back to your website:

There are many purposes to all the time you spend creating a social presence on Facebook: customer service, growing your brand awareness, delivering a message to your specific social audiences. However there’s one overarching purpose to spending that time there, and that purpose is to drive traffic. Just how much traffic can be generated through Facebook and how can we take advantage of the platform to optimize the amount?

While SEO is extremely important, it’s not the only avenue where users interested in your business can learn more about your business. In fact, Facebook drives more website traffic than any other social platform. You should be harnessing that power – here’s how!

Be Engaging

  • By regularly publishing highly engaging content, you create customer interest and loyalty. Share content that is useful to your audience: tips, interesting news, product images and updates, industry services, etc.
  • Post several times a week (we recommend at least once a day) to ensure you’re staying engaged and relevant to the ever-moving feed.
  • Include links to your site and have a strong calls-to-action to ensure click-throughs to your site.

Promote Thyself

  • There are a plethora of businesses present on Facebook now. If you want to stand out – you need to promote your business through Facebook advertising.
  • Choose website clicks ads to increase click-throughs to specific landing pages on your site. Follow through with a clear call to action and you’re on your way to a conversion!
  • Utilize a website clicks ad to promote specific sales, deals or product specials to give your users the exclusive deal they will be interested in.

Create a Fully-Optimized Landing Page

  • Don’t fall flat on your promotion by sending users to a less-than-worthy landing page. Optimize it for conversions by making it easily accessible.
  • If you’re promoting a certain product or service, drive traffic directly to that product page and create an easy avenue for purchase and checkout.
  • The more user-friendly the process, the more likely you’ll experience conversions.

Get Targeted

  • Facebook has armed you with a massive range of targeting tools. Get specific, stay broader, whatever you do – get to the nitty gritty of the people who are most interested in what you have to offer.
  • Location, age, gender, occupation – determine who your ideal customer would be and then go after them.

Research and Report

  • Test out what works and doesn’t work. Do research to find out what has performed well and what could use improvement. Utilize reporting tools to measure performance of ads/posts/etc.
  • Test out different kinds of calls-to-action, post copy, target audiences, and ad types.
  • By constantly testing your strategy you can determine what will work and perform best for your industry.

Facebook is an asset in the marketing world and can help your business grow whether it’s large or small. Make sure to maximize the tools in front of you to drive traffic to your site and ultimately – gain conversions.

Stay social my friends.