5 Things Your Designer Wants You to Know

Creativity is an occupation

Designers are a high commodity in today’s visually focused and web-centric world. Known for their love of coffee and keen eye for small details, the designer is a very distinct breed. As a client, you probably have a long list of requirements and tasks to give to them. With deadlines and technicalities, it might not always be possible to know what your designer is really thinking throughout the process. So, if you’re just dying to find out what they really want you to know, then here it is:

Whatever it is, it will take time and it will take money

Designing an infographic, website or any other kind of digital piece typically ends up taking longer than most would think.To the untrained, creating a design seems as though it should take no time at all. No matter how easy or difficult, your designer knows exactly how much time they need to complete a project and they want you to trust that timeline.The more complex the design, the longer that it is going to take. The longer that a design takes, the more money that it is going to cost. Time and money go hand-in-hand, and that’s how it will always be.

Everything is intentional

From start to finish, every decision that your designer makes for your project has a purpose.They specifically craft your design around the message of your brand. Your piece isn’t just a visual to them, but instead, it is viewed as a representation of your company. So, if you ever wonder why your designer isn’t making use of the hottest, new design trends for your design, it’s probably because they don’t think it fits what your company is trying to convey.

Design without content is… difficult

As said before, your designer makes creative choices with a purpose. It’s difficult for them to create with your message in mind when they aren’t even actually aware of what they are supposed to be ‘saying’. When working on a design there are so many elements involved: balance, rhythm, proportion, unity, etc. Without knowing exactly what you want you to say, your designer is going to have a tough time making use of those principles successfully.

They can’t complete anything without you, and they don’t want to

To designers, your project is seen as a collaborative effort. They will try to learn as much about your product or service as possible; but, just as they are the experts of design, you are the expert of your company. They WANT you to be involved. This makes the process go by much smoother and helps to achieve the creation of an even more amazing design.

They really do care

Of all the things that your designer wants you to know, this is probably the most important. When speaking with our design staff— this point was focused on the heavily. Your designers truly care about you and the success of your company. They want to relay the message of your brand appropriately and will work hard to do so. This means that they may try to prevent you from making poor design decisions. The end goal is to reach people in a positive way. If a creative choice could keep that from happening, then your designer cares enough to share that with you. Ultimately, they see it as a privilege to be working on your design and they truly want what is best for you.

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