2016 Digital Marketing Conferences You Can’t Afford to Miss

CM-2016-conferences-900x450Marketing Conferences are a dime a dozen. If only they cost that little, maybe my boss would let me go to more than a couple a year. But that isn’t the case. And maybe your agency/office/business is the same for you. You can only afford to go to a few or maybe only one a year, so which ones can you not afford to miss? It is hard to figure out so I will give you the few conferences that struck me as “must-attend” conferences for 2016.

Search Love Boston

This will be Distilled’s sixth year putting on SearchLove in Boston, with each year bigger than the last. Their previous speakers list is a who’s who of digital marketing professionals including Rand Fishkin, Larry Kim, Wil Reynolds and Mike King just to name a few. This two day event begins May 3rd and at the time I wrote this tickets were starting at $899 for general admission, but as you get closer to the event the price increases. This conference would be great for any marketing team that are fully integrated in the digital realm. If your team is expected to run all aspects of your digital marketing, I would highly suggest you send someone to make sure you are at the cutting edge.

Find out more about SearchLove here

Pubcon Las Vegas

Who doesn’t want to be sent to Vegas for a business trip? But back to business, Pubcon is similar to SearchLove as it is hosted in several different cities but Vegas looks to be the top tier. The main reason would be the Master Group sessions that happen the day before the Conference starts. That is not included in the price of a general admission ticket, starting at $699 but I feel like it is well worth the extra cost. With session tracks from SEO fundamentals, Social Campaigns and Landing Page Conversion, there is something for everyone on your digital marketing team.

Find out more about Pubcon 2016 here

High Five Conference – Raleigh

Here is a conference that flies under the radar for the most part and I still can’t figure out why, though. This two day event packs in over 30 speakers, break-out sessions, workshops, lightning talks, lunch breaks; the list goes on and on. Jay Baer and Ann Handley stand out to me as next level keynote speakers that I would be sure to see and the several session tracks will be sure that you can find the speakers for your niche. March 2nd and 3rd are right around the corner so get your high fives ready.

Find out more about the High Five Conference here

Brand Manage Camp and INBOUND

Just to be clear, these are two different conferences, sort of.  I combined these conferences because they have a very similar feel for both. Digital marketing is a balance between science and art so it’s very important to understand the tools and best practices as well as the theory of how digital is different from traditional marketing. The latter is where these two conferences shine. Brand manage (two days) begins September 2nd and INBOUND (a three day Hubspot conference) begins November 8th. As for right now both are a little light in the loafers when it comes to current info but registration is open for both starting at $1999 and $999, respectively. For a little more about INBOUND 2015, read what we took away here.

Find out more about Brand Manage Camp and INBOUND


So if you are in the digital marketing realm, you more than likely have a good understanding who MOZ is and if not, please go now and read the “Beginners guide to content marketing”. With the speaker list and agenda slated to go up in the summer of 2016, there is still a lot left to discover about who will be there and what will be discussed this year. I have no problem telling you though that Moz has been on the forefront of digital and content marketing for the past 5 years and will continue to live there. Last year’s conference saw the likes of Wil Reynold, Pete Myers (Dr. Pete) and of course Rand Fishkin. This three day event’s pricing starts at $799 for early bird registration and will be a great experience for anyone that wants to expand their digital and content marketing knowledge or just want to attend a great conference with the opportunity to network with likeminded professionals that want to be the best in their industry. So everyone should go!

Find out more about Mozcon here

So there you have it, my no-nonsense list of the conferences that you should really consider making it to, if not for your own business’ growth, then the knowledge to help build your clients businesses grow through intelligent and strategic marketing. See you there!